Alhamdulillah as of 2015, Brighter Horizon School has a boys and girls soccer team for students ages 7-16. It is a great way for the students to learn about team work, engage in a healthy extracurricular
activity, make friends, and enjoy a highly competitive sport. We welcome all Muslim students in the Baton Rouge area to join our teams!

The Brighter Horizon Girls and Brighter Horizon Boys soccer teams are registered through the Baton Rouge Soccer club. Practice is held 3x’s a week at Masjid Ar-Rahman and Independence Park. Game schedule is posted here under Middle School or U-8, U-12, or U-16 for both Boys and Girls Leagues. Team name is “Brighter Horizon”.

Sports and healthy extra curricular activities.

Sports and healthy extra curricular activities.


Teamwork and sportsmanship :D

Teamwork and sportsmanship 😀












To join, for registration forms and more information, please call the school or e-mail the principal.